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Schedule in effect starting June 2020. For your safety, the door remains locked during operating hours. Please contact us in advance for purchases and appointments.

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We Are Cat Lovers

Our team of veterinarians and animal health technicians will take care of your cat!

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Dental Care for Cats in Montreal

Our feline companions can suffer from toothaches just like we do, as well as have problems with bad breath, gingivitis, plaque or tartar. Fortunately, your pet will receive all the dental care he/she could need at Cats Montreal! Call us for an appointment.

Feline Dental Health is Important

Bacteria present in the mouth can reach other organs through the blood and cause health problems. That's why it's so important to take care of your cat's teeth! Moreover, it is not uncommon for an owner not to notice that their cat has a dental problem. Cats are very resilient animals and tend to hide feelings of pain.

If we need to pull any teeth, this doesn’t mean you’ll have to change your cat’s diet. The cat’s gums will firm up and be able to resume eating the same as before! Moreover, your cat will be more playful and happy once all the dental pain is a thing of the past.

Oral Hygiene Products for Cats
There are several products aimed at the oral health of our feline companions, including certain food varieties, toothpastes, gels and water additives. However, it is important to use them diligently for maximum effect and to help prevent the buildup of tartar or onset of gingivitis.

Teeth Cleaning

This procedure is more complex for animals than for humans and needs to be done safely. The cat will need to be put under general anesthesia, but first the veterinarian will take a blood test to make sure there are no abnormalities likely to make the anesthesia more risky. Scaling is done using an ultrasound probe, as for humans, before full mouth X-rays are taken. The x-rays allow us to detect lesions and determine whether any teeth need to be pulled. Finally, the teeth are polished. The veterinarian can then advise you on the best course of action for your cat to heal well and to fight the buildup of tartar and gingivitis.


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