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Spaying and Neutering for Cats and Other Surgery in Montreal

Our Approach to Feline Surgery
Cats Montreal is a veterinary Clinic specializing in the care of felines, and our surgery department reflects this special expertise. Since we care about the physical well-being and emotional comfort of each of our patients, we take all the necessary precautions whether it’s for spaying or neutering or any other surgery. Call us today!

Surgical Interventions
During surgery, the veterinarian is always assisted by one or two technicians. From the installation of a catheter to intubation and anesthesia, everything is done gently and accurately. Using precision equipment, we monitor the animal's vital signs throughout the procedure to be able to prevent complications and respond to any alert. Upon awakening, your pet is wrapped in a warm blanket and placed under the care of the technician until full awakening. A few hours later, we offer food to make sure your cat has recovered his or her appetite so we can plan a safe return home.

The most frequent surgeries are obviously for spaying and neutering, i.e., hystero-oophorectomy for females and castration for males.

Spaying and Neutering

Spaying and neutering are usually performed around the age of 5 to 6 months for both males and females. For female cats, having this operation before the first heat greatly reduces the risk of breast tumors, a definite advantage since these tumors cause unnecessary suffering and greatly shorten life expectancy. Delaying having your cat spayed increases the risk of other diseases, such as endometriosis or pyometritis, which often require costly emergency care.

Uncastrated males seek to reproduce. Instinctively, the male marks its territory with strong-smelling urine (hormones at work!), which is very unpleasant to humans. Neutered cats make much better companions because instead of frantically seeking to reproduce, they channel that energy into affection towards us and want to make us happy. As a bonus, it saves them the perils of hunting for a mate.

Other Causes for Surgery

  • Caesarean

  • Tumors

  • Bladder stones

  • Foreign bodies

  • And more

What About

We do not perform onyxectomy (declawing), a surgery that consists of amputating the last phalanx of the fingers and toes. We offer demonstrations to the owners on how to properly trim their cat’s claws and offer this service if necessary. There are other useful ways and methods including pheromones, scratchers, cat trees, and claw covers to teach your furry friend where to sharpen his/her claws and not destroy your furniture. If you want help teaching your cat, we can offer you solutions!


Cats Montreal

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